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Basketball basics

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Basketball is a unique game. It’s a team games and also an individual game too. Basketball game is a game full of games and moreover it also increases player’s intellectual.

Basketball is a Game within a Game.”

It’s essential for the basketball audience, players and coaches to learn basic rules, regulations and different aspects. Here are important basketball basics to motivate and improve understanding, knowledge of the game and to make it more enjoyable.


  • Basketball is a contactless and fast game. This professional game is played on the indoors court. The basketball used is round with 75-78 cm circumference and weighs 600-650 grams.
  • Basketball game is played between two teams. Each team is compromising of five players on the court along with the five substitute players sitting on the side line. Players dribble and score a goal by shooting basketball through the loop which is placed at 10 feet height.
  • Basketball is only allowed to move towards the basket by dribbling or passing between the players of each team. Offense is the team with the basketball and the team without basketball is called defense. Defense team steal basketball, deflect passes and rebound.
  • The game is played in a court which is rectangular in shape, with a loop at each end. Basketball court is divided into two parts by a mid-court line. When basketball is played behind mid-court line by offensive team, they have to bring ball over mid-court line in 10 seconds. If they fail then defense gets the ball.
  • Referees control the game and check whether players are violating any rules. The game is begun by referee who throws basketball up which is then catches by any of the two players from each team. They jump to tap basketball to their team mates.
  • Players run with the ball in the court by bouncing it or passing it to another team player.
  • The main of basketball game is to throw ball in the loop and make a basket. A team score two points when a basket is made and then the ball goes to the other team. If a goal is made outside of the three-point arc, then the basket allots three points to the team. This type of goal is called field goal.
  • Players are sent off the court for the reminder of the game by the referee when they commit more than five fouls.

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