Steps for slamming an amazing dunk

It’s an amazing to feel the adrenaline rush by slamming an awesome basketball dunk. A basketball player can become the star of the game if his dunk saves the game and achieve success. It’s a perfect display of power, flexibility and speed. Not many players are lucky to slam a dunk. A lot of things are considered when slamming dunk like high vertical, co-ordination between weight and height of body, grip on the basketball and perfect timing. Learn more about the best vertical training program, see the jump manual review.

Following are some important ways to successfully pull off a dunk.

Building up power

Strength for a dunk depends on jumping ability which is achieved by flexibility of body muscles, elevation and plyometric exercise.

The most important variable for a slam dunk is a high jump. Not able to jump high can prove worst weakness. If vertical is not high enough then it’s better to concentrate training firstly to increase height of jump. For a high jump, one must have flexible muscles which can only be achieve by explosive and energetic with plyometric exercises. Include exercises of explosive squats and calf rises to make train muscles to be strong and faster to respond stimuli and to increase lifting power of legs. Running stairs and jumping rope efficiently develop muscles of claves, hips, back and abdomen and a high leap. The more muscles are loose and flexible the faster the legs move and the quicker will be the movement.

Practice hard

After working out and preparing body for slamming a dunk, next and final stop for a successful dunk is practice. Practicing consistently makes movement better and practicing is incomplete without skills. Skills are necessary to train muscles of body and mind to respond at time for the most appropriate natural movement. Dunking is hard but it not impossible to pull it off. First start elevating to minimum height and then for running to catch basketball and dribbling. It’s better to begin dribbling towards lower basket using small ball, it’s easier. Small ball is easier to control and palm. On hand slamming is best for beginners and can be proceeding to harder two handed slam. Make grip on the ball strong, drib towards basket and focus energy for lifting ball up in the air. It’s better to start with aiming to the net and then object to ring. The hard process of slamming dunk can be more comfortable if proper shoes are worn while practicing. They help a lot landing safely without hurting when trying to dunk.

Practice, practice and practice!!!